Monday, August 5, 2013

TUHOG: A Review

WARNING: May contain story spoilers
Leo Martinez, Enchong Dee, and Eugene Domingo, along with Empress and Jake Cuenca make up the Star-Cinema film with the hint of indie movie: TUHOG. The local term for “impalement,” Tuhog primarily revolves around the lives of three individuals who have been impaled by a tube after being involved in a bus accident. The story takes on the concept of death and having to face it without fear. 

The three victims can be interpreted as the three stages of life of an individual: the survival as an elderly person is depicted by Leo Martinez in his role as Tonio, who, at the later stages of his life, has decided to follow his dreams, despite the repeated warnings of his fanily. The struggle as an adult as seen in the life of Fiesta Dacanay, played by Eugene Domingo, a bus conductor who later gets involved with Renato Timbangkaya, a bus driver played by Jake Cuenca. Finally, we have the crazy days as a youth, with Caloy played by Enchong Dee and his girlfriend Angel who is brought to life by Empress Schuck. Each individual character comes into a web of chance meetings and circumstances and have met in one way or another and eventually meeting up at the bus that led to the accident. With a peek at each of these lives, we can see the problems these individuals have to face everyday. Some of these obstacles in life may be seen by others as simple, but for some it is a big deal.

With a dash of laughter surrounded by drama, Tuhog delivers a great storytelling about life, its hardships, and accepting what's beyond our short life here on Earth.

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